June 20, 2012
"Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has apologized for his blunt assessment of Alberta Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk after calling him “a complete and utter asshole” in an email that went to Kenney’s Alberta caucus colleagues and their staff."

Kenney apologizes for slagging Alberta deputy premier - Politics - CBC News

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June 20, 2012
"In an interview, however, Kenney also said he believed “both qualitative and quantitative criteria would apply to all of the member states of the European Union right now” and that his goal is to exempt all EU countries from requiring visas."

Three EU countries would fail to qualify for Kenney’s ‘safe’ country list

Hateful Jason Kenney.

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June 12, 2012
"Wallace says that Daniels’ actions “looks like a pretty concerted effort to break public and private sector unions.” Daniels says he “doesn’t see it that way.” “We’re not going after anybody,” he insists. Nevertheless, Wallace points out that government workers in Indiana “have taken a hit” — the state ranks 46th in gross salaries and pay more for health care. Daniels says it isn’t true — apparently they get compensated in “praise,” and who knows, maybe area landlords and grocers have a program where rent and food get paid for by Mitch Daniels saying nice things."

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

June 6, 2012
Fake Sun TV citizenship ceremony explanations in dispute - Politics - CBC News

Senior government officials insisted the Sun News Network was actively involved in the decision to have bureaucrats take the place of actual new Canadians during a televised citizenship ceremony last fall, newly released documents show.

That stands in contrast to statements made by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s staff, who repeatedly said the network “did not know” the participants were merely stand-ins. The network had said its viewers were “deceived” by a bureaucrat.

Six bureaucrats, three of them wearing departmental t-shirts, reaffirmed their oath of citizenship alongside three or four bona fide new Canadians during a televised ceremony last October.

The Sun TV hosts referred to the group throughout the broadcast as new citizens, even as the judge himself specified they were only reaffirming their citizenship.

After The Canadian Press began asking questions last February about how the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) employees were passed off as new Canadians, the department assembled background facts.

An email that circulated among officials laid out what happened.


May 28, 2012
"Also, this guy, Cardinal Richelieu, or whatever his real name is? He is a terrible spokesman for this lawsuit, because he has this stilted, breathy way of speaking that plays up his condescending tone and his nose-in-the-air elitism, which is bad enough, but he also looks a LOT like a younger Anthony Hopkins, so the overall effect is that it kind of feels like Wallace is interviewing Hannibal Lecter."

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

May 28, 2012
"Some interesting conversations with the American people might have been had. (Like, maybe: “Hey, everyone, if you haven’t heard, everyone in politics is, to some degree, a huge sell-out because piles of cash speak louder than your state of economic dislocation.”) But to have that sort of conversation with the American people, you actually have to care about the American people. And what the media cares about is a good talking-points derailment disaster. No one’s heartbeat ever quickens while everyone on the same “side of the aisle” is robotically intoning the same catch-phrase over and over again. But deviate from the norm, however, and suddenly everyone’s browsers crash. (This is how a plain-spoken statement from Joe Biden about marriage equality and basic justice becomes known as a “gaffe.”)"

Cory Booker Goes Off Message, Everyone Freaks For A Week: The Speculatron Weekly Round-Up

April 27, 2012

Backhand Shelf: Jason Spezza Laughing Remix (by TheScoreTV)

May 16, 2011
"Haass says he’s not a fan of the term “Arab Spring” because it pre-supposes a positive conclusion while suggesting that the world can get reordered in a season’s time. It will take “years, if not decades” for these events to play out, so Obama has to lower expectations, set the table so that people understand that the U.S. involvement may be different in a lot of cases. “He almost has to sell inconsistency, in a way that ensures it won’t be confused with hypocrisy.”"

Jason Linkins, TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads.

May 16, 2011

This panel, obviously, is full-square behind whatever John Boehner wants to do, so tra-la. I don’t even know how you bill this as a “panel discussion.” Zuckerman is here, according to Wallace, to be the contrasting voice…of New York City financiers and investment moguls! What? Nina Easton isn’t sufficient to the task?

Anyway, the full spectrum of America is represented here: from Boehner fans to Wall Street bankers. All the people who really count. Sorry, poors!


JASON LINKINS: HuffPo: TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

May 1, 2011
Here Is The Worst Thing Ever Written About The Conflict In Libya Or About Cappuccino.

Have you read the single worst thing written about the ongoing conflict in Libya yet? Because it’s maybe the single worst thing I’ve read, maybe ever, on any topic. It’s by Tim Marshall, and it’s titled “A Death In Benghazi,” which sort of primes the reader to expect — I don’t know? A death? In Benghazi?

But instead you get a tone poem on a cup of cappuccino:

I was sipping coffee when the body was brought in.

Oh, wow! What did you do?

It was a good coffee, as good as gets in Benghazi.

It was a cappuccino, hot, with a decent white, frothy head, and tasted as it was supposed to.

A rare event in this part of the world at this time.

Ah! You wrote a quick entry for Zagats, I guess!

The body was in bad shape, the head bent backwards and an arm with holes which were not supposed to be there.

Now the coffee tasted sour.

Was it the be-holed arms that ruined the taste, or was it the way the head was akimbo? Did you complain to the barista?

I was embarrassed, almost ashamed to be holding it.

Why? You didn’t kill the guy. I mean, the embarrassment should have set in much later, say, when this got published.


January 26, 2011


CHED - Flatbed

It started

so easy to have

but I’m thinking

I’d rather be had.

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